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Tooth Defenders Book



What is the Tooth Defenders Book ?. What are the helpful information of this book ?.What includes Tooth Defender Book ?.We are going to inspect this book today.At first, we need to know what is the periodontitis.This illness is really harmful so it can cause deep damages on you.You may hear it as gum disease, too.Periodontitis is very common among us and you may lose your teeth.This is a big danger for all of us and we need to take a precaution for it but how ?.

Especially, we need to know what is the periodontitis and we need to how it damages us.Periodontitis is dividing that; Chronic, Aggressive, Necrotizing disease.

I want to explain 17 mistakes about brush teeth.With this mistakes, we need to know what we are doing right or wrong.

Tooth Defenders Book


1-    Firm toothbrush cleans better than soft toothbrush

It is about techniques of brushing not about firm or soft.Generally medium-hard toothbrushes are advising from expert.

2-    If you press your toothbrush , it cleans better

Contrary to clean of your tooths , this situation cause a decay of brush and it causes a erosion on tooths.After your enamel erosion,  yellow grade appears under it and your tooths seems more yellow.

3-    Bleach toothpaste are not damage tooths and never cause an erosion

Bleach toothpastes are causing an big erosion on your tooths.They are selling on web or local stores but you need to be attention for it.

4-    Using bake or salt helps to get more whiten tooths

Bake or salt ploughs or cause an erosion because of these materials includes big granular.So , tooths are lose their’s colour easily.

5-    Much more toothpaste causes an erosion on tooths

It is up to granules of toothpaste.So if it includes bigger granules, it may cause an erosion but it is not about more or less toothpaste.

6-    You should sprinkle brush and toothpaste before toothbrush

You shouldn’t sprinkle your brush because your mouth has enough water for it.If you do this , brush may lose rigid form.

7-    a You need toothbrush before breakfast

You should toothbrush twice in day and it should be after breakfast and before sleeping.You should toothbrush upper area of tongue softly

8-    Esthetics tooth comes from born so yo never get rid of skew tooth

You may regulate mar of tooth whenever you want.If your tooths staying in your mouth , you can fix it easily.

9-    If implant choose suitable to your wang , risk of fall rises.

It is not true.With experts and effective surgery, you can get rid of risks.

10-     We can add implant instead of tooths

Implant not suitable for everyone like suffers diabetes or hearth diseases.So, you must be suitable for it.

11-     Using bleaching technique never helps for clean tooths.Besides, it is very dangerous for health. (TRUE)

For a whitening tooth, you must receive help from your doctor and you need to ask it to experts.

12-      Bleaching causes a much more yellow tooths.

If your doctor do his job regularly , bleaching helps to clean and white teeth.Besides , if you take care of it after bleaching and if you keep away from coffee or tea , bleaching helps you for white tooth.

13-     Cleaning of tartar may damage to enamel

If you apply cleaning regularly , it never cause an erosion of enamel.Besides , you can get rid of tartar with this technique.

14-     After cleaning of tartar , tartar increase on your tooth

Regular toothbrushing and right brushing techniques prevent tartar effectively.With regular doctor inspection , you can effectively prevent it.

15-      Everyone has foul breath and it never loses

Foul breath appears because of decayed tooth , smoking,d igesting system problems or sinusitis.But you can get rid of foul breath with right methods and cures.

16-     Tooth Rogen’s radiation damages much more than natural radiation in nature

Tooth Rogen’s radiation is very low and it is less more than natural radiation.So , you shouldn’t worry about it.

17-     Tooth remedy may cause a baby when you are pregnant

If it needs a hurry or critical, tooth remedy can apply anytime during pregnant


What Is Tooth Defenders Book?

This book is created by Mathew Tate.His searches and experiences are gathered in this book and he developed efficient and exact results for all of us.

We are all feeling disgusted against the yellow tooth or foul breathing etc.There are a lot of causes for it.Smoking, tea or coffee, bacterias or unsuitable toothbrushing etc. major factor for it.

Periodontitis may be prevented easily but if we are late for it, we are going to struggle for it so much.Everyone must take care of their tooth.

This book is guiding from the first move to last move and it includes every critical warning for all of us.Tooth Defenders Book is available for any age.Especially, you should use this book for your children.


We inspected Tooth Defenders Book.We want healthy and white tooth every time but we may not keep it healthy.After yellow tooth or foul breath, we start to find any cure for it.This book detailly explains and teaches what are you going to against all problems.Actually, you may have a white and health tooth but you can find very critical information within this book.With proven and experienced information and product, you are going to get healthy smiling.Life is precious health is a big factor of it.Don’t forget.

Healthy Life..Happy Life..


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